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You Want To See Better. We Deliver Stellar Vision. Lets meet to make it happen! Whatever your prescription, age, refractive error, corneal shape or thickness, Refractive Surgeon Rajesh Khanna, MD and the team at Khanna Vision Institute will turn your dream to reality.



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Astigmatism: FAQs

Q: Does is astigmatism cured?A: Sorry, no. In fact, sometimes astigmatism worsens with age … however slowly. It is probably partly genetic and also partly environmental. A lot of astigmatism can…

LASIK surgery continues to flourish, offering positive results

LASIK is much better than ever before, despite reports that have highlighted bad outcomes, a lot of change from years ago. Data in fact reveals that LASIK results are better than ever, and also patien…

When Are You Required to Wear Safety Glasses/Goggles?

Safety goggles are a requirement for those that operate in a place where there is a risk of eye injuries. It is very important to use the appropriate kind of eye safety equipment in environments where…

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“… Dr. Khanna waved a magic wand and made my astigmatism disappear. It helped me a lot in my acting career by eliminating the glare from overhead lights.”



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