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Can Someone with A Pterygium in their Eye Have A LASIK Procedure Done?

If you clicked on this blog post wondering, “What’s a pterygium?” then it means you probably have never had a pterygium at all. Not to leave track right at the start, but it’s impressive to me is that you would decide to read this post without knowing what a pterygium was. Intellectual curiosity like this is a gift and also needs to be rewarded. I hope you’ll find the info in the write-up meets your expectations. And otherwise, I hope… Read More »Can Someone with A Pterygium in their Eye Have A LASIK Procedure Done?

Can a Pterygium/Carnosidad Grow Back After Removal?

Pterygium, also known as “web surfer’s eye,” is a non-cancerous coagulation of the external coating (conjunctiva) of the eye that grows onto the cornea. Typically, the conjunctiva is a thin clear membrane over the ‘whites’ of the eye (which are called sclera) and also includes the inner surface of the eyelids.In many cases, a pterygium has to be surgically gotten rid of to relieve discomfort as well as restore the visual look to the eye. Pterygium elimination is a safe… Read More »Can a Pterygium/Carnosidad Grow Back After Removal?

Astigmatism: FAQs

Q: Does is astigmatism cured?A: Sorry, no. In fact, sometimes astigmatism worsens with age … however slowly. It is probably partly genetic and also partly environmental. A lot of astigmatism can be conveniently corrected with spectacles, contact lenses as well as refractive surgical treatment; however significant astigmatism won’t go away on its own. The good news is, it is not a fatal problem! Q: Could you please discuss what is meant by the term “mixed astigmatism,” and also if this… Read More »Astigmatism: FAQs

Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment of Astigmatism

Astigmatism is an imperfection in the curvature of your eye’s cornea or lens, which means it is not evenly curved as it should be. Usually, the cornea as well as lens are smooth and curved equally in all directions, the sign of a normal eye. This helps to focus light rays sharply onto the retina at the back of your eye which has photoreceptor cells which sense the light and image. If your cornea or lens isn’t smooth and also… Read More »Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment of Astigmatism

Can LASIK Surgery Take Care of Astigmatism?

Yes, in many cases, LASIK can fully remedy astigmatism, and the effect is irreversible.Astigmatism is a really typical vision issue. Apart from having a rather scary-sounding name, astigmatism is not an eye disease – it’s simply a refractive error like near-sightedness or myopia and farsightedness or hyperopia – and also it can be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses and even LASIK surgical treatment.Astigmatism generally is brought on by the front surface of the eye ( also called the cornea) having… Read More »Can LASIK Surgery Take Care of Astigmatism?

How to avoid eye damages with UV sunglasses

Most of us understand the risks of sunburn and also skin cancer from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation, if we go unprotected out into the sun, but did you understand UV and also various other radiation from the sun additionally can damage your eyes too?Extensive direct exposure to the sunlight’s ultraviolet rays has actually been linked to eye damage, such as cataracts (before you actually age) that can cause vision loss, if left untreated.Moreover, brand-new research suggests the sun’s high-energy… Read More »How to avoid eye damages with UV sunglasses

How does Blue Light Damage Cells in Your Eyes

Throughout daytime, blue wavelengths of light can be advantageous, playing a vital function in establishing circadian rhythms, improving attention as well as mood. Yet we didn’t evolve to be exposed to it as much as we are. In addition to enough blue light in sunshine, most of the light we are exposed to via digital devices is likewise blue, so that we get blue light even at night, when the sun is gone and we are not supposed to get… Read More »How does Blue Light Damage Cells in Your Eyes

Selecting Prescription Eyeglass Frames

According to Statista, 64.3% of grown-up consumers in the United States use prescription spectacles. Researches likewise suggest that the statistics have actually risen over the previous few years. What the data has come down to is that three out of 4 grownups require some kind of vision adjustment. Various causes consist of those that are birthed with inadequate vision, aging, loss of focusing adaptability, as well as the increase in screen time each day.Perfect 20/20 vision makes sure that we… Read More »Selecting Prescription Eyeglass Frames

Blue Light from Your Smartphone Is Not making you go Blind

Blue light from electronic displays is not making you blind, as has lately been thought and also advertised widely by blue light blocking apps and googles. A lately released study has actually been creating both issues in the general public as well as triggering alarmist headlines from news outlets worldwide. However, professionals are warning that the news reports are leaping to unfounded verdicts about the potential impacts of blue light on the eye.This laboratory research study is not a factor… Read More »Blue Light from Your Smartphone Is Not making you go Blind

There’s a Lot to Find Out About Exactly How Blue Light Influences Our Eyes

Place the phone down – or turn on an ambient light! Blue light’s rap sheet is growing more than ever before, as more research studies begin to surface in the public domain. Scientists have actually attached and linked the high-energy visible light, which is actually a very small bandwidth, which emanates from both the sunlight as well as your cell phone (as well as almost every other electronic device in our hands as well as on our bedside tables, including… Read More »There’s a Lot to Find Out About Exactly How Blue Light Influences Our Eyes