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Ensure Your Knowledge About Current And Future Treatment Options For Presbyopia

Presbyopia is the only eye condition with a universal prevalence in patients older than age 50. While not all presbyopes need improvement, due to genetic monovision, it’s important to understand that accommodation decreases steadily with age for each and every person.To several, presbyopia may appear like it’s simply an additional inconvenience that comes with aging. Uncorrected presbyopia, nevertheless, can lead to severe visual disability and also deny someone of a satisfactory quality of life and opportunities needing working near vision.… Read More »Ensure Your Knowledge About Current And Future Treatment Options For Presbyopia

The Evolution of LASIK

Much better aberrometry measurements as well as refined flap parameters have actually continuously enhanced LASIK results – but there is still much work to be done.Contemporary LASIK is not a single-system procedure. It integrates 3 different technologies– an excimer laser, a femtosecond laser as well as a wave-front aberrometer – every one of which have undergone numerous developments over the previous twenty years. Explaining to patients how these advanced technologies combine to provide exceptional outcomes can be a problem.While all… Read More »The Evolution of LASIK

Various refractive error related case studies

Myopia Case 1 A 24-year-old male myope, in spite of seeing reasonably well at distance without correction, is “soaking in” minus spherical power during subjective refraction, as he prefers higher power when he reads the acuity chart. Why is this occurring, in spite of him seeing reasonably well at distance as well as what can be done to establish if it is needed?SolutionIt is important, when performing subjective refraction, to be concerned about giving the patient excessive minus spherical correction.… Read More »Various refractive error related case studies

OCT Vital Tool In Identifying Glaucoma Progression

SynopsisStructural evaluation with OCT as well as practical screening with visual fields must be used throughout the glaucoma condition continuum to detect progression.Glaucoma worsens slowly in the majority of patients who are affected with the illness, but a significant number of patients with glaucoma show a minimum of progression  with time based upon monitoring with optical coherence tomography (OCT) and also visual fields.Although OCT can detect progression in patients across all phases of illness, the findings from OCT as well… Read More »OCT Vital Tool In Identifying Glaucoma Progression

Femtosecond Laser-Assisted RLE Offering Better Outcomes In Vision Correction

AbstractCoupling femtosecond laser-assisted Refractive lens exchange (RLE) with a presbyopia-correcting IOL can provide better patient satisfaction. The technology surrounding IOLs has actually developed tremendously, as well as with that patients’ expectations for the very best feasible results after refractive lens-based surgery have increased tremendously. In response to using multifocal as well as extended-depth-of-focus (EDOF) IOLs, femtosecond laser-assisted refractive lens exchange (RLE) may be the technology of choice to achieve much better end results, consisting of correction of refractive error and… Read More »Femtosecond Laser-Assisted RLE Offering Better Outcomes In Vision Correction

What Causes Astigmatism to Get Worse?

To keep track of your astigmatism symptoms and prescription, we recommend having normal eye doctor consultations. Your doctor will certainly explore any kind of indications of progression to ensure you get the ideal treatment when you require it. Initially, your astigmatism could be minor, however with time, it can develop. What triggers astigmatism to get worse? Let’s review. What worsens astigmatism?There are lots of things to take into consideration about what triggers astigmatism to worsen. Your eye doctor will look… Read More »What Causes Astigmatism to Get Worse?

Virtual Reality Oculokinetic Perimetry System May Facilitate Visual Field Testing

An investigational or visual field-testing virtual reality platform called virtual reality oculokinetic perimetry (or VR-OKP in short) platform is showing promise for getting rid of a number of the limitations that accompany conventional perimetry, used primarily in glaucoma patients. An ophthalmology professor described the brand-new platform.“The virtual reality examination has a built-in lighting environment, and since it is virtual reality, the external lighting does not need to be modified for the test as well as uses the foveation reflex,” explained… Read More »Virtual Reality Oculokinetic Perimetry System May Facilitate Visual Field Testing

Twelve Facts About Cataract Surgery Which Will Impress Your Friends

Cataract surgical treatment is the most effective therapy for cataracts, and has been so for many years, with improvements happening every year. In this age of information, facts about the treatment, its process, its background, and also its pros and cons is virtually at your fingertips. Here are 12 interesting pieces of facts regarding the therapy or surgical procedure that your friends who are contemplating the surgery will definitely value: Surgical Treatment is very quickThe treatment or surgical procedure itself… Read More »Twelve Facts About Cataract Surgery Which Will Impress Your Friends

Traumatic Cataract

HistoryTraumatic cataracts are defined as those occurring post or secondary to blunt or penetrating ocular trauma/injury/blows. Infrared energy (glass-blower’s cataract), electrical shock, and also ionizing radiation are various other rare causes of traumatic cataracts. Cataracts brought on by blunt trauma characteristically create stellate or rosette-shaped posterior axial opacities (as can be seen in the images below) that might be steady or progressive, meaning they may sustain or increase with the passing of time, whereas penetrating trauma with disruption of the… Read More »Traumatic Cataract

Glasses to Correct Astigmatism

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Astigmatism is a minor eye condition which is very common and that takes place when the curvature of the cornea or the eye’s lens isn’t in proportion, which is true for 95% individuals to some or the other extent. Wearing glasses for astigmatism is a common way to deal with the problem. If you already put on corrective lenses, you may currently have astigmatism to some extent.Glasses for astigmatism are normally connected with 2 conditions; myopia as well as hyperopia,… Read More »Glasses to Correct Astigmatism