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Many individuals are under the misconception that LASIK eye surgical treatment demands a lengthy healing time wherein workouts, training as well as strenuous activities aren’t possible. However, this is a myth; the majority of patients have the ability to return to work the following day and specific levels of workout are possible shortly after. Patients start functioning and playing outdoors. This short article reviews exactly how LASIK eye surgery benefits the day-to-day athlete in you.

Following LASIK
Whether you’re a weekly jogger or a marathon professional, the day-to-day runner athlete can promptly resume their routine. In simply two days after LASIK eye surgery, joggers can resume their typical running regimen, not even missing half a week of training or body conditioning.

LASIK eye surgery can provide joggers with wonderful advantages by getting rid of the:

– Need to clean and also find your contacts or glasses before proceeding to the fitness centre or outdoors to run
– Burning, painful and itching symptoms connected with sweat combining with contact lenses and contact fluid
– Avoid the trouble eyeglasses cause when trying to exercise or run
– Requirement to stop and also clean eyeglasses due to sweat and condensation
– Risks of damaging or losing your glasses through exercise and training

Swimming After LASIK
Swimming after LASIK eye surgical procedure requires a two-week hiatus after surgery day. It is necessary to keep water out of your eyes and not immerse your head in water in order to maximize protection from infection as well as allow your improved corneal tissue to recover. Keeping your eyes devoid of chlorinated water for 14 days also lowers risk for avoidable dry eye. Ocular dryness is a common LASIK eye surgical treatment side effect that ought to be attended to proactively by your LASIK eye specialist.
Long-lasting advantages of LASIK for swimmers include:
– Decreased risks for eye infections, as chlorinated water can cause infections in contact lens users
– Clear vision while swimming for those that used eyeglasses and were not able to put on contacts
– Eliminate expenses for premium prescription safety glasses
– Say goodbye to lane guesstimation; substantially increased capacity to see swimming lanes plainly

Contact Sports After LASIK
Contact sports athletes are one more category of patients who can swiftly regain their playing capacity after LASIK eye surgical treatment. Nonetheless, this category of the everyday athlete does call for a little added care. To start with, complete all-laser, blade free LASIK is especially essential for the contact sports athlete. The reason for this is that a corneal flap made with a laser has a much better adherence versus one made with a blade. This is one reason why the armed forces do not allow blade LASIK. After LASIK, in just two days, patients such as those, who play contact sports such as racquetball, tennis, volley ball, football, basketball, soccer and baseball can grab their racquets, knee pads as well as cleats, as long as reliable protective eye wear is worn. These safety glasses should be used for an entire month after LASIK, as it is important to shield your eyes from abrupt jabs, bumps and also acute injury. Nonetheless, with such durable protective glasses, LASIK eye surgical procedure patients can still delight in playing their favoured contact sports, video games within a half week after their treatment, never missing any kind of training or playing time.
It is normally recommended that particular sports where sudden, blunt person-to-person contact is very likely or probable should be stayed clear of totally, for the initial month to make best use of safety and lower possibilities for corneal displacement. Activities consisting of martial arts, krav maga, kung fu as well as other martial arts pose higher injury risks due to their offensive and defensive processes.
After LASIK eye surgical procedure, everyday contact sports athletes can get rid of:
– Possibilities for broken glasses
– Expensive prescription sports goggles purchases
– The probability for contacts to fall out or get displaced through games or matches
– Risks for eye injuries from damaged glasses
– The irritation one feels when sweat or sunscreen gets in the eye and reacts with contacts and contact lens solution.

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