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Can a Pterygium/Carnosidad Grow Back After Removal?

Pterygium, also known as “web surfer’s eye,” is a non-cancerous coagulation of the external coating (conjunctiva) of the eye that grows onto the cornea. Typically, the conjunctiva is a thin clear membrane over the ‘whites’ of the eye (which are called sclera) and also includes the inner surface of the eyelids.
In many cases, a pterygium has to be surgically gotten rid of to relieve discomfort as well as restore the visual look to the eye. Pterygium elimination is a safe treatment and can be carried out in our modern clinic.

Just how can you lower the chance of recurrence or regrowth?
The most effective means to lower the possibility of reappearance or regrowth of a pterygium is to ensure you pick the most effective surgeon based on his or her experience and one that focuses on that treatment, has established himself and is also continually improving his medical technique, and has actually carried out a large number of surgeries dealing with pterygium removal. When surgeons perform certain procedures with consistency and also, they specialize in those procedures, they consistently enhance and also better their technique and also are much more equipped to handle any issue that might occur during or post-surgery.

Why does Pterygium/Carnosidad Regrowth Happen?
Reoccurrence rates differ widely among current studies on pterygium regrowth and while some research studies have reported rates as high as practically 40 percent, others report rates as low as 5 percent, which is a wide variation. Other researches have found that reappearance is higher amongst people that had their pterygium removed through the summer months, potentially due to the fact that overexposure to the sun has actually been linked to pterygium progression. Putting on polarized sunglasses is a must. Various other aspects that can enhance the threat of recurrence consist of dusty as well as windy conditions.

Our surgeons have years of collective experience, training and also get on the cutting edge of the most recent as well as most advanced medical techniques to decrease the probability of recurrence. Following your treatment, our team will set up follow-up appointments with you to check your progression. We will likewise make suggestions on drugs or actions you can need to reduce the possibilities of recurrence.

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